SparkPoint and MetaGaming Guild Locked a Strategic Partnership: A Gateway to Democratizing Game Finance

The agreement will make MetaGaming Guild at home in the SparkPoint Ecosystem

On November 2021, SparkPoint and MetaGaming Guild (MGG) officially came to an agreement for their strategic partnership that will further blur the line that separates casual gaming and play-to-earn (P2E) games and will expand the SparkPoint’s Ecosystem. Today, we’ll be taking you to the specifics of what’s coming with the partnership.

Integration on SparkPoint Wallet’s Crypto-to-Fiat Exchange

The agreement will give way for MGG’s mission to reinvent P2E gaming by offering opportunities beyond the traditional gaming scholarships as the company will be utilizing SparkPoint Wallet’s crypto-to-fiat exchange (on-ramp and off-ramp) in the future to fast track one of its core mission, to democratize game finance, and to offer a more convenient and faster transfer of funds to the scholarship grantees under their financing program. This will be made possible through SparkPoint’s successful application for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) license. This license is projected to be obtained within 2022 and will unlock many anticipated features of the SparkPoint Wallet.

Onboarding of Scholars

Once set up, MGG will onboard thousands of its scholarship grantees to SparkPoint Wallet, as the app will be the scholar’s primary virtual wallet to receive and store their earnings from playing MGG’s portfolio of P2E games. To date, MGG now has already 1,000+ active scholars and is targeting to on-board 10,000 scholars more this 2022. And of course, scholars won’t ever transfer their stored funds to other exchanges just to liquidate their earnings as the SparkPoint Wallet will be already supporting crypto-to-fiat exchanges. As an example, scholars who earns SLP tokens by playing Axie Infinity through MGG’s scholarship program, will just have to convert it to PHP within the SparkPoint Wallet app and scholars can simply convert it to physical cash through remittance centers or banks.

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Higher Volume

This future endeavor of MGG and SparkPoint will generate millions of dollars in monthly transactional volume for the SparkPoint Wallet. This venture will not only helps those scholarship grantees of MGG but of course SparkPoint Ecosystem and it’s DeFi platform, SparkDeFi as a whole. The possibility is limitless once everything is set up and already running. Scholars can easily use their tokens too to earn token rewards by staking it to SparkDeFi’s Pool-Based and Liquidity Staking decentralized apps.

Platform Integrations

As part of this strategic partnership, SparkPoint token (SRK) will also be utilized in MGG’s platform once it is fully developed such as in Game Yield Farming and integration in upcoming P2E NFT game of MetaGaming Guild and other MGG’s products or services. Likewise, MGG will also be integrated in SparkPoint’s ecosystem such as in the SparkPoint Wallet and SparkDeFi.

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About MetaGaming Guild

MetaGaming Guild is a community-governed organization that makes game finance fairer for the masses. It primarily focuses on a live scholarship program where players or members access games without upfront costs, access early-stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield.

MetaGaming Guild Official Links:
Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube | Website

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Fueled with caffeine everyday. Tech-news enthusiast and fond of reading gadget reviews. Currently one of SRK’s Senior Marketing Specialists.

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Drei Bongalos

Drei Bongalos

Fueled with caffeine everyday. Tech-news enthusiast and fond of reading gadget reviews. Currently one of SRK’s Senior Marketing Specialists.

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