Drei Bongalos

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Know what’s in store for bSRK and SparkPoint on BSC tokens and why you should make the switch to SRKb.

The month has been filled with a lot of firsts for SparkPoint which consists of new launches and many more!

An overview of SparkPoint’s IDO platform and how to participate in an IDO launch

And how to earn from these pools in SparkDeFi.

And what are the available liquidity pools to earn from.

The two projects will cooperate on establishing their future in the NFT-DeFi space.

A closer look to the female CHIHUA token.

SparkSwap 1.0 is now out, SparkPoint gives back, SRK new listing, new scholars for BDB, and so much more!

Creating wrapped K-SRK tokens that will enable staking services with K-SRK or KFT token rewards.



Drei Bongalos

Fueled with caffeine everyday. Tech-news enthusiast and fond of reading gadget reviews. Currently one of SRK’s Senior Marketing Specialists.

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